What started as a personal journey to learn about making sauces with the fresh ingredients he was growing in his garden, Mark was intrigued by hot sauce, any hot sauce, every hot sauce he could taste and became convinced that he had something to offer those who enjoy bold flavors, heat, and flavors of chiles.  After spending more than a year researching, experimenting and creating sauces, Round Mountain Sauces was formed to bring these delicious sauces to your table.  Enjoy!

What makes our sauce special?
Smoke!  We smoke our sauces with various woods; pecan, hickory, apple, maple which creates an amazing flavor combination with chiles, onions and other spices.  We balance the smoke flavors with the other ingredients to make sure it's never too smoky or not smoky enough.  All of our sauces are hand crafted, made in small batches with the finest, freshest quality, locally sourced (when possible) ingredients available.